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Most web sites are static - they don't change in any way unless your web site designer uploads new HTML pages. VIG's dynamic web sites are different, with pages generated on the fly by our servers. Our web sites interact with visitors, accepting and organising information in almost any way imaginable.

VIG has developed software tools that allow us to build almost any application as a dynamic web site - otherwise known as an online application. Examples from our portfolio include a corporate fax solution, real-estate and car sales systems, and a passenger management application. Click on the links for more details.

The Power of Online Applications

Most computer applications run on internal PCs or servers - so why move them online? The advantages can be compelling:

  • Universal access. Now you can work from home, a hotel, or even your mobile phone. And as many staff as necessary can use the system, at no extra cost.
  • Lower costs. Applications run on our servers, so you save hardware, licensing and support costs. Instead, you pay a predictable monthly fee.
  • The Internet. Public information can be displayed in real-time on the web, and targetted or distributed via email, RSS, instant messaging or SMS messages (TXT) can be automatically generated by the application.
  • Security. Suprisingly, your application is probably safer on our servers than in your own office. More details...

VIG has worked with several companies to migrate their applications to the web, with outstanding results. Contact us to see how we can make the web work for you.

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